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cara-headshot-blog-1-of-12Cara Shaye Walker

Cara grew up in a small town called Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, right outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee, before going to college at the University of Alabama. She doesn’t really remember deciding to become a writer, but she knows how much she believes in the power of stories.

Cara has written for a wide variety of magazines and publications, including Vida magazine where she traveled to Chile to report on the culture there, but her favorite thing about it all is the people she gets to meet. Wherever her career takes her, she hopes to be the voice of people all over the world and share the stories of those who wouldn’t be able to tell them otherwise.

She spends most of her non-writing time singing, losing track of time talking to her best friends and only slightly panicking about the future. She is a collector of cat shirts and kind words, and loves to go on pre-planned “spontaneous” adventures.

Find her personal blog, “A Beautiful Disaster,” at



kelly-headshot-blog-1-of-1Kelly Hollifield

Kelly hails from Brent, Alabama, and now attends the University of Alabama where she is studying public relations and psychology. Kelly currently works at Forest Lake Baptist Church and coordinates monthly live music events at Nehemiah’s coffee house where she volunteers as a barista.

A lover of deep questions, Kelly never shies away from a good conversation, especially if there is coffee involved, and her biggest dream is to help others make their dreams come true.

Some of her favorite things include handwritten notes, a long nighttime drive and her nephew Avery. Her most prized possession is her kangaroo onesie, complete with a stuffed baby joey and a pouch.

Find her personal blog, “Cozy to Crazy,” at


dannie-headshot-blog-1-of-1Danielle Waddell

Danielle is a small town girl from Attalla, Alabama, with a big heart for traveling. After spending Christmas break and part of her summer in NYC and with trips to East Asia and New Zealand planned for the coming months, Danielle can’t wait to experience and capture the world around her through writing.

Her joy and excitement for life make her the perfect (and most of the time, loudest) fan of almost anything — including but not limited to: Bama football, shoes, Gilmore Girls, chai lattes and funny internet videos. Like any good millennial, she spends her free time binge-watching Netflix shows, and also enjoys shocking people with her music taste, a mixture of Taylor Swift, early 2000s R&B and screamo bands.

Find her personal blog, “Write Your Light,” at

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